Traveling in Comfort: The Best Travel Pregnancy Pillows

Wander in Bliss: Bump Included!

Written by Katy Girone | Published: 1 July 2024
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Planning a getaway while expecting? Don’t let pregnancy discomfort cramp your travel style. It can bring its challenges, but that’s where the magic of travel pregnancy pillows comes in. 

Get ready to jet off in ultimate comfort with our guide to the best travel pregnancy pillows. These innovative companions will support you through every adventure, ensuring a restful and enjoyable trip for both you and your baby bump. Let the adventures begin!

Buying Guide

A well-chosen pillow will make your travels more enjoyable and ensure you can rest peacefully, even while on the move. By considering these factors, you can confidently choose a travel pregnancy pillow that provides the necessary support and comfort for your journeys.

  • Size and Portability: Discover key factors to consider, including compactness, lightweight design, and ease of packing, to ensure your travel pillow is easy to carry and store.
  • Shape and Versatility: Learn about the different pillow shapes available, such as U-shaped, C-shaped, or wedge pillows, and how they cater to specific areas of support and comfort.
  • Material and Durability: Find out about the various materials used in travel pregnancy pillows, focusing on hypoallergenic options, breathability, and washability for convenience and hygiene.
  • Adjustable Features: Explore pillows with adjustable straps, buckles, or inserts that allow customization to fit your unique body shape and provide personalized support.

Product Overview

4Queen Rose U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

ComfiLife Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Introducing the ComfiLife Memory Foam Travel Pillow – your new travel companion that’s here to make your journeys a breeze! Crafted with care and designed for comfort, this memory foam wonder is not your average travel pillow.

Imagine sitting for hours on end without feeling those nagging aches and pains. Thanks to its ergonomic design and U-shaped cutout, the ComfiLife pillow provides heavenly support to your back, reducing the pressure on your tailbone. Say goodbye to that uncomfortable airplane seat or that unforgiving office chair – this pillow’s got your back, quite literally!

But it doesn’t stop there – the ComfiLife pillow isn’t just for travel; it’s your all-in-one pain relief solution. Whether you’re dealing with sciatica, herniated discs, pregnancy discomfort, or the pesky pain of hemorrhoids, this pillow’s got you covered. It’s like having your personal comfort oasis, no matter where you are.

So, whether you’re jet-setting to your dream destination, conquering the daily grind at the office, or simply seeking relief from persistent pain, the ComfiLife Memory Foam Travel Pillow is your ticket to a world of comfort. Get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey – because you deserve nothing less!

  • Ergonomic Design: The ComfiLife Travel Pillow boasts an ergonomically designed U-shaped cutout that reduces pressure on the tailbone, promoting healthy posture and providing relief from various sitting-related pains.
  • Versatile Use: This pillow isn’t limited to travel; it’s perfect for office chairs, car seats, wheelchairs, and more, making it a versatile solution for various seating needs.
  • Memory Foam Comfort: Crafted from high-quality memory foam, it contours to your body’s shape, ensuring maximum comfort and support during long hours of sitting.
  • Instant Pain Relief: Designed to assist in relieving back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, pregnancy discomfort, hip pain, and hemorrhoids, making it a versatile pain relief tool.

Travel Bliss: Ideal for frequent travelers, the pillow provides instant comfort on any hard surface, such as airplane seats, making long flights a lot more bearable.

Tailbone Relief: The U-shaped cutout takes the pressure off your tailbone, making it a go-to choice for tailbone injury recovery and pain relief.

Supportive Design: Promotes healthy posture and supports recovery from various lower back issues, ensuring you sit comfortably and pain-free.

Diverse Applications: Perfect for office use, truck drivers, sporting events, and pregnant individuals, addressing a wide range of seating-related discomfort.

Primarily focuses on upper body support

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Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Pregnancy Pillow

Meet the Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Pregnancy Pillow – the perfect travel companion for expecting mothers on the go! This little wonder is designed to provide targeted support during pregnancy while offering the convenience of a compact size that fits snugly into your travel plans.

Crafted with care from soft and breathable cotton, the Snoogle Mini naturally conforms to the shape of your body, making it an ideal choice for those long journeys. It’s not just a pillow; it’s your ticket to a comfortable and pain-free travel experience.

One of its standout features is its ability to align your hips for neutral joint positioning. This means you can say goodbye to those uncomfortable twists and turns during your travels. Plus, the Snoogle Mini doubles up as a nursing pillow with back support, ensuring that your comfort and well-being are always a priority.

And when it’s time for a little refresh, the removable, washable cover makes cleaning a breeze – a true lifesaver during your adventures. So, whether you’re embarking on a road trip, catching a flight, or simply need a compact companion for your travels, the Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Pregnancy Pillow has your back, providing the comfort and support you need for a stress-free journey.

  • Compact Travel Design: The Snoogle Mini is specifically designed for travel, making it easy to pack and take with you on your adventures.
  • Targeted Support: This pregnancy pillow provides targeted support to key areas like the back and hips, promoting comfort during long trips.
  • Cotton Cover: Crafted with a soft and breathable cotton cover, ensuring a comfortable and cozy experience.
  • Aligns Hips: Helps align your hips for neutral joint positioning, reducing discomfort caused by awkward sleeping positions.
  • Removable, Washable Cover: The pillow’s cover can be easily removed and washed, maintaining hygiene during your travels.

Compact Portability: Its small size makes it a breeze to carry, whether you’re traveling by car, plane, or any other mode of transportation.

Versatile Usage: Not just for travel – it serves as a nursing pillow with back support, making it a valuable companion during and after pregnancy.

Pain Relief: Offers relief from pregnancy-related discomfort, sciatica, and back pain, ensuring a more comfortable journey.

Conforms Naturally: The pillow naturally conforms to your body’s shape, enhancing overall comfort.

Easy Maintenance: The removable, washable cover simplifies cleaning, ideal for travel situations where cleanliness matters.

Size Limitation: The compact design, while great for travel, may not provide the same full-body support as larger pregnancy pillows.

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow Travel Bag

Introducing the PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow Travel Bag – your ticket to taking comfort and relaxation wherever life’s adventures may lead you. This stylish and durable bag is designed to make traveling with your favorite pillow an absolute breeze.

Crafted from robust polyester material, this bag is built to withstand the rigors of travel while making a lasting impression with its stylish design. But here’s the best part: the PharMeDoc bag doesn’t just protect your pillow; it transforms it into a versatile piece that can be used in various ways. Whether you need an ottoman, a living room pillow, or simply a chic decoration for any room, your beloved pillow has now become a multi-functional companion.

Storage has never been this easy! The PharMeDoc Storage Bag is the perfect solution for saving space when you’re not cuddled up with your pillow. It’s your go-to when you’re ready to embark on your next adventure, ensuring that you can feel comfortable and at ease wherever you go.

So, if you’re ready to add a touch of comfort and style to your travels, the PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow Travel Bag is here to make it happen. Say goodbye to discomfort on the road and hello to a world of relaxation, all in one chic and convenient package.

  • Stylish Travel Companion: The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow Travel Bag is a chic and stylish travel companion designed to elevate your on-the-go comfort.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality polyester material, this bag is built to withstand the wear and tear of travel, ensuring your pillow remains protected.

  • Versatile Use: Transform your pillow into more than just a travel essential. Use it as an ottoman, living room pillow, or decorative accent, adding versatility to your comfort.

  • Space-Saving Solution: The included storage bag makes it easy to save space when you’re not using your pillow, keeping your living areas clutter-free.

  • Easy Travel: Designed for easy portability, this bag allows you to take your favorite pillow with you on your adventures, ensuring comfort wherever you go.

Travel in Style: The bag not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a stylish touch to your travel gear.

Durable Material: Made from durable polyester, the bag is built to last, protecting your pillow effectively.

Multi-Functional: Enjoy the versatility of your pillow by using it in various settings beyond just travel.

Effortless Storage: The included storage bag simplifies storing your pillow when not in use, making it a space-saving solution.

Comfort Anywhere: With this travel bag, you can take your beloved pillow with you and experience comfort and relaxation wherever you go.

No Pillow Included: Keep in mind that this is a travel bag only, and a pillow is not included with the purchase.

Queen Rose U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Experience the ultimate cuddle with the Queen Rose U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow, a true game-changer for expecting moms and anyone seeking unparalleled comfort. Crafted with a cover fabric that’s 100% soft and smooth velvet, this pillow isn’t just a pillow; it’s your new best friend.

This U-shaped body pillow is a master of adaptation, providing exceptional support for your belly and back, making every night of pregnancy journaling a delightful experience. But it doesn’t stop there; it’s a remedy for those stubborn body pains. This pillow curves and conforms to your body, delivering comfort and support where you need it most – shoulders, lower back, belly, pelvis, knees, and ankles. Say goodbye to pressure pains and leg swelling during the second and third trimesters.

Perfect for side sleepers and expected moms, this maternity pillow promotes spinal alignment and correct posture with its wrapped back and legs support. It’s the expert-recommended solution for back pain relief, replacing up to five other pillows and putting an end to those nights of tossing and turning. Plus, it’s not just for bedtime – use it anywhere you want to get cozy, whether on your bed, sofa, or even the floor when sitting, nursing, reading, or watching TV.

The smooth, soft velvet cover will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, while the pressure relief filling is both chemical-free and adjustable to meet your specific needs. It’s certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, ensuring it’s good for you and your baby. So, say hello to the Queen Rose U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow, your ticket to blissful nights and endless comfort.

  • Adaptive Support: This U-shaped pillow offers targeted support to the belly and back, conforming to your body’s unique curves for ultimate comfort.
  • Pain Relief: It effectively reduces pressure pains and alleviates leg swelling during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for side sleepers, it encourages proper spinal alignment and posture, recommended by experts for back pain relief.
  • Multi-Purpose: Beyond bedtime, use it on the sofa, floor, or anywhere you need comfort and support for activities like nursing, reading, or watching TV.
  • Soft Velvet Cover: The smooth and soft velvet cover provides a luxurious and cozy feel.

Customizable Comfort: The pressure relief filling is adjustable to cater to individual needs.

Safe for You and Baby: Certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, ensuring it’s free from harmful chemicals.

Reduces Need for Multiple Pillows: Replaces up to five other pillows, simplifying your sleep setup.

Supports Recovery: Loved by people recovering from injuries, sciatica, and reflux due to its exceptional support.

Enhances Pregnancy Experience: Makes pregnancy journaling more enjoyable by offering a comforting hug to your growing belly.

Not Suitable for All Sleep Positions: Primarily designed for side sleepers, it may not be as comfortable for those who prefer other sleeping positions.

Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

This wedge pillow is designed to adapt to your changing needs throughout all three trimesters, ensuring that you have the soft or firm support you desire at any given moment. With its two-sided design featuring deluxe memory foam on one side and firmer support foam on the other, all it takes is a flip to regain maximum comfort, making it the ideal solution for pregnancy discomfort.

Proper belly support is crucial during pregnancy, and this wedge pillow excels in reducing swelling (edema) in hands, legs, and feet by relieving back tension and associated stress. Whether you place it under your belly, behind your back, or between your knees, it will help you feel more comfortable whether you’re relaxing or sleeping. It’s a versatile belly wedge, back pillow, or knee pillow that even helps relieve nerve pain and leg numbness.

What sets the Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge apart is its luxurious plush Velboa cover, which is not only super soft but also incredibly durable and washable. Pampering yourself during the third trimester has never been easier. Additionally, this pillow features airflow ventilation technology with CertiPUR-US foam, keeping it cooler and more comfortable while you sleep. You can rest easy knowing that the foam is free from harmful substances like flame retardants, heavy metals, and phthalates.

Compact and portable for travel, the Hiccapop wedge pillow comes with its own carry bag, making it easy to take from the bedroom to the couch or your favorite chair for napping. It’s a convenient alternative to bulky and hot oversized body pillows, ensuring that you can enjoy the comfort and support you need wherever you go.

With its ergonomic design and premium materials, the Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge offers the perfect balance of support and comfort, helping you enjoy a restful sleep during your journeys.

  • Two-Sided Design: This pregnancy wedge pillow features a unique two-sided design with soft memory foam on one side and firmer support foam on the other, allowing you to choose the level of support and comfort that suits you.
  • Proper Belly Support: Designed to reduce swelling in hands, legs, and feet by relieving back tension and stress, this wedge pillow offers comprehensive support for your growing belly, helping you stay comfortable during pregnancy.
  • Plush Velboa Cover: The pillow comes with a super-soft, durable, and washable Velboa cover that pampers you during your pregnancy, providing a luxurious touch.
  • Airflow Ventilation Technology: Perforated foam in the pillow’s construction enhances airflow, keeping you cooler and more comfortable while you sleep, making it ideal for those warm nights.
  • CertiPUR-US Foam: The foam used in this pillow is CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring it’s free from harmful substances like flame retardants, heavy metals, and phthalates.

Versatile Support: The two-sided design allows you to switch between soft and firm support as needed, making it adaptable to your changing comfort requirements during pregnancy.

Reduce Swelling: By offering proper belly support, this pillow can help reduce swelling in hands, legs, and feet, providing relief from discomfort associated with pregnancy.

Luxurious Cover: The plush Velboa cover not only feels incredibly soft but is also easy to clean, ensuring a pampering experience.

Cooling Comfort: Airflow ventilation technology in the pillow helps regulate temperature, preventing overheating during sleep.

Travel-Friendly: The compact and portable design, along with its own carry bag, makes it convenient for travel, allowing you to enjoy its benefits wherever you go.

Size Limitation: While this wedge pillow is versatile, it provides localized support and may not fully replace the need for a larger full-body pregnancy pillow for some users.

Cozy Bump Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow

This innovative pillow has gained acclaim as the go-to pregnancy pillow for expectant mothers who prefer stomach sleeping, providing a remarkable level of support and comfort.

One of its standout features is its ability to relieve back pain effectively. The unique design, featuring a decline in the leg section, helps decompress the lower back, making it an invaluable companion for pregnant women experiencing back discomfort. It’s no wonder that Cozy Bump is often considered one of the best pregnancy gifts for women.

Designed with the utmost consideration for pregnancy sleeping needs, Cozy Bump is made from 100% cotton, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep experience throughout your pregnancy. Its ergonomic design and premium materials set it apart from other pregnancy pillows and maternity pillows on the market.

What truly sets the Cozy Bump apart is its potential to help reduce the likelihood of C-sections and alleviate the pain associated with labor. Research has shown that lying on the belly with raised hips and lowered legs can encourage the baby to assume the optimal birthing position, head down. The Cozy Bump Pregnancy Body Pillow aims to replicate this beneficial position, making it a valuable tool for expectant mothers.

Additionally, this prone pregnancy pillow offers health benefits by allowing your lungs to expand fully when lying on your stomach, enabling better airflow and improved resistance against infections. If you’re seeking the best solution for stomach sleeping during pregnancy, the Cozy Bump Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow stands out as the top choice, offering unparalleled comfort, support, and potential health advantages for both you and your baby.

  • Stomach Sleeping Comfort: The Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow is uniquely designed to accommodate stomach sleeping during pregnancy, offering unparalleled comfort and support for expectant mothers who prefer this position.
  • Back Pain Relief: Its leg decline feature helps decompress the lower back, making it effective in alleviating back pain, a common discomfort during pregnancy.
  • 100% Cotton Material: Made from high-quality cotton, this pregnancy pillow provides a soft and comfortable surface for a better night’s sleep.
  • Optimal Birthing Position: Research suggests that the Cozy Bump’s stomach-sleeping design may help encourage the baby to assume the optimal birthing position (head down), potentially reducing the need for C-sections and making labor less painful.
  • Improved Lung Function: Sleeping on your stomach allows for better lung expansion, aiding in increased airflow and better resistance against infections.

Customizable Firmness: You can adjust the firmness of the Cozy Bump to your preference, ensuring maximum comfort and support.

Portable and Travel-Friendly: This inflatable pillow is compact and easy to carry, making it convenient for travel and use in various locations.

Durable Material: Crafted from vinyl, this pillow is designed to withstand regular use and is easy to clean.

Health Benefits: Besides comfort, the Cozy Bump offers potential health benefits by promoting better lung function and encouraging an optimal birthing position.

Requires Inflation: As an inflatable pillow, it needs to be inflated, which might take a little extra effort compared to non-inflatable options.


Traveling during pregnancy doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. With the right travel pregnancy pillow, you can ensure optimal comfort and support while on the go. From compact designs to full-body support, the options are plentiful.

Consider your specific needs, such as portability, shape, and material, when choosing the best travel pregnancy pillow for you. Remember, investing in a quality pillow will enhance your travel experience and contribute to your overall well-being during this special time.


While a regular pillow can provide some comfort, travel pregnancy pillows are specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of pregnant women. They offer targeted support and are often more compact and portable for travel convenience.

Yes, travel pregnancy pillows can be used throughout all trimesters. However, it’s essential to choose a pillow that provides adequate support and adapts to your changing body shape as your pregnancy progresses.

Most travel pregnancy pillows come with removable and washable covers, making it easy to keep them clean. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper care and maintenance.

Travel pregnancy pillows are not limited to air travel. They can be used in various travel settings, including car rides, train journeys, and even for providing comfort and support during hotel stays.

Yes, travel pregnancy pillows can still be used after giving birth. They can provide support and comfort during breastfeeding or help in recovering from childbirth. They can also be repurposed as regular pillows for added versatility.